Why Won’t Instagram Rotate When I Turn My iPad?

The problem could be caused by several factors. First, your iPad is set to portrait orientation by default. The app should rotate properly if this feature is disabled. If the app is not rotating properly when you turn the iPad, the rotation lock setting may be turned off. To turn off rotation lock, tap Control Center and swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. If you see “Rotation lock” enabled, tap the toggle again.

The problem is that Instagram wasn’t designed to work well on iPads. It was originally designed for phones and isn’t responsive enough to take advantage of the larger screen. This results in the app’s interface being cramped and difficult to use. In addition, the app doesn’t support rotation when in landscape mode. This makes the app unusable in this situation. While you can always use it in portrait mode, you’ll find that you have to zoom in and out to view the pictures.

The next time you turn your iPad, you may experience an issue with Instagram. If the app doesn’t automatically rotate, it won’t rotate at all. The most common solution is to turn your device into landscape mode. To do this, simply swipe from side to side while holding the iPad horizontally. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you can try rotating your camera in the Settings menu in the app.

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