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The State of Virtual Events 2022

Kaltura, a video experience cloud, has recently published a new report, “The State of Virtual Events 2022.” The report analyzes the growth of the virtual event industry and predicts where it will be in five years. It also explores the needs and goals of event organizers and attendees ntmy. The report’s lead author, Renan Gutman, will present key findings during the upcoming Virtually Live! by Kaltura conference on November 9th.

Speakers of virtual events need to be prepared to connect and set up properly. Speakers should schedule a dry run to test their connection and setup before the virtual event hub4u. If the speakers’ networks aren’t reliable, they should consider pre-recording the session or broadcast it as simulative video.

The success of a virtual event will be based on the quality of the content. The content must be engaging, with options to suit different attendee types thetrendz. Additionally, online event guides should be available for attendees. As with any event, data is key to measuring its success and ROI. Capturing attendees’ data allows organizers to activate the buyer’s journey and determine ROI.

Content is driving the growth of virtual events. According to the survey, 36% of respondents ranked educational content about a particular company or product as their top priority for attending a virtual event allfashionbeauty. Virtual events also provide the opportunity to network with other attendees. In-person events are largely focused on building relationships with people in the physical world sportswebdaily.

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