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How Treats Migraine

The best way to manage your migraine is to keep track of your symptoms. Write down the time of day, the number of hours you sleep, and your stress level. Record what you eat and drink as well as how long you are in pain. You should also note any medications you take and how much pain you have. Keeping a journal of your daily experience is helpful for your doctor and helps you understand what triggers a migraine.

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To help reduce the number of migraine attacks you suffer, learn how to manage your stress. A good way to do this is to practice relaxation techniques. Some treatments involve lying in a dark room. You may also be given pain medication. Some treatments may include nausea and vomiting medicine. Preventative measures include daily or weekly visits to your physician. Your doctor may also teach you a technique called biofeedback, which allows you to become aware of your body’s functions. These functions can trigger pain and tension.

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Your doctor may prescribe a special type of medication called biofeedback to reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches. These medicines work by reducing your heart rate and easing muscle tension. You may also be prescribed Botox injections or acupuncture. If you experience anxiety or depression, your physician can also recommend a specialist clinic that specializes in treating migraines. This medical treatment is FDA-approved and has been proven to be an effective migraine remedy.

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