How to Get the Exact Downloads and Statistics From Google Play

You may want to know how many times your app has been downloaded, but how do you get the actual downloads and statistics? This article will show you how to use Google Play Console to find this information. It will also show you how many people have used your app in the past, so you can make sure to have accurate statistics. You can use the Google Play Console to get data for your own apps, too.

The first step in getting the exact downloads and statistics is to create a report in Google Play Console. You can create a graphical report by entering all of the parameters into the relevant fields. Then, set the time for ‘Lifetime’ and click ‘Download’. This will generate a CSV file of your monthly statistics. You can also export your monthly reports to Excel.

Another option is Sensor Tower. Although this is a premium service, it allows you to view detailed analytics about your apps. You can see how many times your app has been downloaded in the past month. You can see the revenue breakdown, number of downloads and total revenue for any given app. Then, you can make an informed decision regarding whether to continue investing in your app. You can also use this tool to analyze your competitors’ apps.

Having this data is essential for marketing campaigns. If your app hasn’t been downloaded as much as you’d like it to be, you can improve it by optimizing your marketing campaign and improving the user experience. After all, getting more downloads isn’t an easy task, but it can be done! You can use a tool called App Radar. It allows you to see the number of downloads by country, and it calculates organic and non-organic uplift for your apps.

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