HealthTap and Mobile Healthcare: On-the-Go Accessibility

HealthTap provides a range of services to assist individuals on the journey towards better health. The platform gives subscribers access to two doctors per device 24/7 and also offers medical tests, referrals, and prescriptions.

HealthTap Prime, their flagship product, provides primary care visits for $15 per month. They also offer a pay-as-you-go service called HealthTap Concierge.

HealthTap Prime

HealthTap Prime gives users on-the-go access to real doctors via video or text, making healthcare more convenient and budget friendly.

For just $99 per month plus $10 for each family member, subscribers can receive unlimited live doctor consults, personalized prescriptions, referrals and checklists from top doctors around the world.

Additionally, the service provides members with access to doctors around the globe through live group consultations. These virtual meetings are secure, encrypted and private and can be conducted in any language.

The platform also provides answers to questions based on your self-identified health interests and concerns, as well as providing general health tips curated by doctors.

However, doctors on the platform cannot write prescriptions for regulated substances, medications for mental illness or illegal pharmaceuticals, lifestyle medications like weight loss pills and male enhancement pills, etc. In the future, HealthTap hopes to integrate with pharmacy systems in order to fill prescriptions.

Doctor on Demand

With an app or website, you can instantly connect with a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist every day of the year. During your appointment, they will review your health history and symptoms; they may even prescribe medications if needed.

Easy-to-use and covered by many insurance plans, new clients can check if they qualify by entering their health plan or employer information when registering.

This service is available 24/7 and allows users to connect to US-licensed healthcare professionals through any device – including smartphones and computers – 24/7. They specialize in urgent care, behavioural health, preventative health, and chronic care.

Patients can book appointments through the app or online portal, with wait times varying per appointment. Doctor on Demand’s services are affordable and covered by most standard insurance plans as well as Medicare Part B.

HealthTap Concierge

HealthTap Concierge lets you connect directly with your doctor, top specialists and generalists of your choice via HD video, text chat or voice through its iOS app or PC/Mac desktop version. Get advice and even medication refills without waiting in line – HealthTap Concierge does all that for you!

HealthTap Concierge offers an affordable solution at just $44 per consult (close to the typical co-pay from traditional medical services) for those who require an expeditious and convenient solution for their healthcare requirements. With its patented Virtual Practices feature, you can access more than one million doctors across 105 medical specialties from the comfort of your own home, office or on the go.

Virtual Consultations allow patients and their doctors to invite family, caregivers or additional doctors and specialists into the same session for virtual consultation, along with translators. Languages supported include Spanish, Cantonese (Chinese), Mandarin (Chinese), French, American Sign Language, Vietnamese, Korean, dstvportal, Hindi and Punjabi.

HealthTap FAQs

HealthTap provides free, independent health information from a network of physicians. The company also provides an on-demand service that allows users to connect with licensed physicians for virtual consultations.

HealthTap was founded in 2010 and is supported by Ventures and “prominent Silicon Valley angel investors,” with offices located in Palo Alto. Its main product, HealthTap Prime, allows users to connect with their physician via video conference, text or phone call.


Patients using the app can ask questions about a range of health topics, including nutrition, exercise, mental health and chronic conditions. Usually they receive answers within 24 hours. Furthermore, users have the option to search for doctors based on their medical specialties, locations and experience level web series review.

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