Does Your Musical Taste Match Your Lifestyle?

Is your musical taste reflective of your personality? A recent study aimed to answer that question. It found that people who are more systemizes enjoy complex and intense music, while empathizers like more straightforward and gentle music. In general, these two styles are more similar than they are different. Despite the differences, both types of people enjoy listening to different types of music. This study was based on a survey of more than 23,000 people.

Music preferences may predict certain aspects of personality, such as sexual activity, drug use, and political orientation. For instance, those who love classical music are likely to be introverted and creative. In contrast, those who love jazz, blues, and soul music are more outgoing, more intellectual, and more at ease in social situations. However, not all research agrees. While musical tastes may help predict your lifestyle and personality, it is a good indicator of your overall preferences.

While music preferences tend to change over time, there are certain characteristics that remain consistent. Whether you’re a country music fan or a rock and roll fan, you’ll probably find a song or style that suits your lifestyle the best. It’s not about the genre, but the way it makes you feel. Your lifestyle can play a significant role in your choice of music. If you enjoy music, you’ll find it enjoyable and uplifting.

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