7 Reasons Chewable is a Better Parasite Treatment for Dogs Than Traditional Methods

Are you a proud dog owner? If the answer is yes, you must have been familiar with the health toll parasites take on your dog. It often becomes a bit hectic and overwhelming to remember all the different medications prescribed by the vet for other parasites. If you are facing the same problem, you will be amazed that there are chewable products such as Simparica Trio for dogs that can be a complete all-in-one solution that aids in protecting your dog from getting infected with different kinds of parasites such as roundworms, fleas, heartworms, ticks, hookworms, and so on.

Why Would You Need Anti-Parasite Chewable?

Chewable products to kill harmful parasites are a one-stop chewable preventive measure manufactured by many famous brands across the globe. These protect dogs against parasites such as fleas, heartworms, ticks, etc. It is an upgraded version of the popular ordinary chewable, with the only exception being the addition of three active ingredients such as moxidectin, sarolaner, and pyrantel.

Recommended for puppies and dogs not less than eight weeks old, these chewable start showing their effect with few initial administrations.

Why Do You Need Anti-Parasite Chewables for Your Dogs?

1 An Effective Treatment

Chewables are a complete treatment for protecting your dog against different kinds of infestations that appear in a short duration. The chewable treatment is a significant relief for dog owners who find it difficult to remember and manage different treatments for different parasites.

2 Safe for Dogs

Chewables are a highly safe oral treatment for dogs of all breeds. They often come in various flavours that can get your dog to go crazy over them. The liver-flavoured tablets are extremely easy for dog owners to feed as dogs drool over this flavour.

3 No Side Effects

Although there can be some common side effects like lethargy and hyperactivity, these are extremely rare and usually go away after 24 hours of administering the initial dose. Side effects range from minor to completely negligible.

4 Cost-Effective Solution

Such a preventive measure is a monthly treatment and a cost-effective solution for all dog owners out there. These play perfectly well in the long-term scheme of things since, previously, dogs were given different medications for different parasites.

5 Easy-to-Feed Solution

Unlike the various treatments prescribed by vets, chewable like Simparica Trio for dogs are easy yet effective chewable therapies that you can easily give to dogs as they come in liver-flavoured tables. You can provide the tablet either with or without food. A monthly dosage is recommended for maximum effectiveness.

6 Non-Specific Treatment for All Parasites

This product provides a highly effective cure against various kinds of parasites. For instance, it starts killing fleas within four hours of ingestion and prevents them from laying new eggs. It is effective against major tick species, namely American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, lone star ticks, gulf coast ticks, and deer ticks.

7 Easy to Use

These products are a potent treatment and are extremely easy to use for dog owners. One just has to select the correct size of the pack depending on the weight of the dog. Dog owners get the flexibility to administer doses by either directly putting it in the dog’s mouth or mixing it with the pet’s meal.

Suppose you are a dog owner who is always concerned about your pet’s health but gets overwhelmed with all the different treatments available on the market. In that case, chewable like Simparica Trio for dogs is advisable. It is a highly effective treatment that is the best treatment owners can give to their pets.

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