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Today’s kids are demanding more than just-in-me-land products. They want to be immersed in a world where they can take care of themselves and be happy. That’s why companies like Fremaza and Other Friends have become so successful over the last few decades. Today’s kids are demanding more than just-in-me-land products. They want to be immersed in a world where they can take care Ofselves and Be Happy. That’s why companies like Fremaza and Other Friends have become so successful over the last few decades. These days, parents are turning to their favorite brands for help with their little ones’ development of self-care behaviors, from diaper bags to bookshelves. Kids of all ages love brand self-care products, such as sugar or PMS rinses, baby bottles, playpens, and toys. But which products are best for your child? Here’s what you need to know about self-care products—and how to choose the right one for your child.

What Is Self Care?

When a child reaches the age of five, she/he is fully aware of the importance of self-care. The child senses the importance of this activity and wants to spend as much time as possible practicing it. Self-care is a complex issue, with many issues and solutions. But in the words of author and poet Maya Angelou, “It’s not how you start—it’s how you finish.” There are many ways to start building self-care habits. Here are a few ideas: Use an app-based self-care practice every day. This could be a daily exercise to help you stay focused, or a nightly activity to help you relax and ground yourself. Make time for yourself by doing something you love. Some things are more fulfilling to do when you’re not looking over your shoulder wondering if your child is doing anything wrong. Get enough sleep. Since children are constantly trying to learn new skills and build new habits, having a routine to fall back on when you’re short-handed is essential. For example, if your child is having a sleepovers or Playschinas, have them pick up their toys when they get home from school and try to stay as sleep-deprived as possible.

Help Your Child Build Self-Care Habits

Help your child build self-care habits by helping her/him understand why it’s so important to take care of one’s self. Decide what aspects of self-care are important to your child and help her/him understand how they could improve. Encourage self-care at every opportunity. Explain to your child that you love her/him and that you’re glad she/he has the gift of self-care. Help her/him identify and name the areas of their lives where they need extra help. Challenge negative self-talk. When a child lies to you, it wreaks havoc for her/his self-care practice. Help your child tell the truth by challenging her/him to look her/him in the eye and ask her/him for a reason to gain self-care.

Why Is Self Care Important?

One of the best ways to start building self-care habits is by creating a self-care plan. A self-care plan is a legally-binding plan you can rely on when your child is a young child. It could be a clear-english guide on how to pick up the phone or a detailed physical activity plan. Whatever the solution, a self-care plan is essential.

Which Self Care Products are Right for Your Child?

If you have a baby on the way, you’ll want to make it a priority to get them the most effective self-care products. While there are many options in the newborn through toddler years, it’s important to start small and build up to a bigger solution. It could be that your child just needs more time to develop certain skills. Perhaps she/he just has a hard time coming up with new ideas. One thing you can always do is help your child create her/his own self-care products. This could be through a online marketplace, or through a local store. You may also find that you have a child’s own style and wants, and he/she just needs something that fits his/her style.

Which Brands Should You Choose for Your Child?

As your child grows, she/he will start to use brands that have familiar names. While it may be a good idea to switch to a new brand every so often, it’s better to go with a brand that your child is already using. For example, if your child is five and is already using Mamas & Papas, you could head to the grocery store and grab her a Mamas & Papas salad. Or you could head to the supermarket and grab a Mamas & Papas bagel.


In order to build self-care habits, it’s essential to understand how vital it is to protect one’s health, body, and money during pregnancy. You also need to understand how important self-care is for both mother and child. When it comes to self-care, there are many options and there is no one-fits-all solution. Instead of looking to the past for inspiration, look to the future for ways to strengthen your child’s self-care habits today.

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